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Zynga help live chat , Email Zynga Problems Number , zynga games online  support number  1-855-785-2511 The Wall Street Journal ran a story (now pay walled) that made and Zynga look sleazy at best, and at worst cruising’ for a legal bruising’. The consensus was that is a greed head hell-bent on screwing employees out of their hard-earned equity stakes.

In return, he’d like them to give back some of the unvested shares they were promised for doing their original jobs. As far as I’m concerned, that sounds like a better deal than being canned for incompetence and losing all of your unvested shares.

Email Zynga Problems Number

Zynga stock is plummeting to new lows on news that its core social games are under performing, which means dismal results in the second half of the year. The other day I finally decided to open my Words with Friends play to more of my online buddies, opting to connect to face book.


It took me a good three months, but I finally did it, though not without some painful hiccups. Zynga poker online, I remember when I connected Scrabble to face book very easy. Too bad Zynga couldn’t have made it easy. I installed Words with Friends on immediately presented me with a popup message asking, “Are you playing on Mobile? After clicking “Yes” it presented me with an option to sign in “using my email account instead” or my Face book account. I figured that would be the obvious fix for this problem, so I entered in my email address and password for Words with Friends and pressed continue.


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